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Today is 25 Jan 2022

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Course Details

(Webinar via Zoom) Personal Injuries Master Class
Nicholas Pirie, Barrister-at-law, Wyndham Chambers, Secretary of the Bar Association, Personal Injuries and Insurance Practice Committee and Standing Committee on Legal Aid
Date: 28 January 2022 (Friday)
Time: 2:30pm - 5:45pm
Level: I (Intermediate)
For delegates who have prior knowledge of the subject area
Language: English
Fee: HK$ 1,750
Accreditation: 3 CPD pts (Accredited by The Law Society of Hong Kong)
Ref: L22PI01
Venue: Webinar Course
Presenter's Biography:

Nicholas Pirie has been practising at the Bar for more than 40 years in Hong Kong. He maintains a civil practice with a focus on personal injuries, particularly medical negligence. He has also acted in a wide range of other common law and commercial matters at all court levels, including the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal and the Privy Council. This has included claims against solicitors and other professionals for negligence. In the last year, he has dealt with international sales of goods and other commercial cases in the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre. He is currently chairman of the Hong Kong Bar Association Committee for Personal Injuries and Insurance.

  1. Commencing an Action for Personal Injuries; do we sue in Contract or Tort?
  2. Common Fact Situations in Hong Kong which cause accidents:
  3. Contributory Negligence;
  4. Limitation Issues
  5. Compliance with the Practice Directions -inherent problems in them;
  6. Whom do you sue?
  7. Common Insurance Problems; ECC/CAR/Motor/Marine/Incorporated Owners
  8. Interaction with Employees' Compensation - was the Hong Kong Paper Mills Case correctly decided?
  9. Problems with the Employees' Compensation Assistance Legislation and the failure by the ECAS Board to establish protocols;
  10. Summary Judgment/Interim Payments/ Sanctioned Offers + Sanctioned Payments
  11. Fatal Accidents Claims & LARCO Claims
    • How to Calculate Loss of Accumulation of Wealth Claims -
  12. Assessment of General Damages for Personal Injuries - PSLA
    • Problems with Psychiatric Cases, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
      • Whiplash, Orthopaedic Claims, Head and eye injuries; industrial deafness;
      • Disaster cases
  13. Calculation of Special Damages
    • Loss of Earning Capacity
    • Loss of Congenial Employment
    • Mehmet v. Perry Damages
    • Housing Claims
    • Medical Expenses
  14. Selection of the Multiplier
  15. Remoteness of Damage
  16. Contingent Claims / pre-existing Conditions
  17. Calculation of Interest

Category: Personal Injury Litigation
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