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Today is 25 Jan 2022

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Course Details

(Webinar via Zoom) [RME elective] Cybersecurity and the Law Firm
Joshua Chu, Consultant, ONC Lawyers
Anna Lau, Partner, Ravenscroft & Schmierer
Date: 27 January 2022 (Thursday)
Time: 2:30pm - 5:45pm
Level: I (Intermediate)
For delegates who have prior knowledge of the subject area
Language: English
Fee: HK$ 1,750
Accreditation: 3 CPD pts (Accredited by The Law Society of Hong Kong)
3 RME pts (Accredited by The Law Society of Hong Kong [RME Elective])
Ref: L22OT01
Venue: Webinar Course
Presenter's Biography:

Joshua Chu is a Litigation Solicitor qualified to practice in Hong Kong. Before becoming a lawyer, Joshua worked in the healthcare industry serving as the IT department head at a private hospital as well as overseeing their procurement operations.
Since embarking upon his legal career, his past legal experience includes representing the successful party in one of Hong Kong's first cryptocurrency litigation cases as well as appearing before the Review Body on Bid Challenges under the World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement concerning a health care industry related tender.
Today, Joshua's practice is mainly focused in the field of dispute resolution and technology law where he won a number of precedent setting decisions including Hwang Joon Sang & Ors. v General Electronic Inc. & Ors which introduced the novel data room mode of service in Hong Kong.
Aside from his legal practice, Joshua is currently also a Senior Consultant with Prosynergy, a regulatory consulting firm which had been founded by ex-SFC Regulators as well as being a management consultant for the Blockchain Centre at South Korea.

Anna is a Hong Kong qualified lawyer and is the head of the commercial litigation department at Ravenscroft & Schmierer. Aside from her legal practice, Anna is also an advisor to the Ohkims Blockchain Centre in South Korea and a regulatory consultant with Prosynergy, specializing in IT internal control and compliance.
Before starting her practice as a lawyer, Anna worked closely with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on intellectual property and FDA regulatory matters.
Since embarking on her legal career, Anna was part of the team that defended a party in Hong Kong High Court proceedings involving the jurisdiction's first cryptocurrency cases where she leveraged her science and engineering skills extensively to help improve her client's case's position. This feat was repeated again shortly after when Anna again leveraged her science background in a healthcare related tender dispute.
Today, Anna is proactively working on various Distributed Ledger Technology related projects where she combines her love for science and technology together with the logic behind regulatory framework.

CYBERSECURITY: Is it a Legal Issue?
  • Ethics: Specific Lawyer Risks
  • Historical Types of Cyber Attacks
  • Cybersecurity Needs for Firms
  • Learning Objectives

The Landscape: The Basics
  • What is Cyber Liability
  • Duty of Technological Competence
  • The New Norm

DATA BREACHES: Statistics and case studies
  • What is a Breach
  • What type of Law Firm Information is at Risk?
  • Major Law Firm Case
  • Ransomware - How does it work?
  • How to prevent ransomware attacks?
  • Social Engineering Fraud
  • Phishing
  • Avoiding Email Wire Transfer Scams
  • Know Your Client
  • Mobile Devices

  • What is Cyber Security
  • Vulnerability Identifiers
  • Law Firms as a Target

  • Mishandling of Hardware
  • What About Metadata?
  • Consequences of a Data Breach
  • Hacking:
  • What Law Firms Should Do: Practical Take Aways for Cyber Risk
  • Data Breach Cycle
  • Contingency Plan
  • Assess Your Risk and Vulnerabilities
  • Address the Risk

Responding to Data Breaches: Suggested Measures
Category: Others
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